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Restaurant Menu

Available Tuesdays – Sundays, please see our specials boards for our seasonal dishes and Chef’s specials

All our dishes are freshly prepared so please allow our chef’s adequate time; should you be in a hurry please inform us when ordering so we can advise you.

Hot Appetisers

Soup of the Day
Chef’s homemade soup of the day £6.25

Deep Fried Scampi
Whole tail scampi, crumbed to order served with homemade tartare sauce and a Salad garnish £8.95

Garlic Mushrooms
A selection of pan fried mushrooms with or without bacon (your choice) in a garlic butter, onion and herb sauce, served with garlic bread £8.25

Deep Fried Whitebait
Whole bodied whitebait, crumbed to order and served with a horseradish tartare sauce £8.25

Toasted Garlic Bread
Served with melted cheese or plain £4.50 ~ £5.50

Moules Marinière
Mussels in a white wine, onion, garlic and cream sauce £8.95

Chargrilled ciabatta topped with tomato, red onion and garlic £5.50


Cold Appetisers

Fanned Seasonal Melon
Accompanied by fresh berries and fruit coulis £5.95

Mozzarella, Avocado and Tomato Salad
Served with a basil oil dressing £8.25

Chicken Liver Paté
Chef’s homemade fine paté served with a Cumberland chutney and toast £7.75

Crayfish Cocktail
Selected crayfish, celery and apple served with picked leaves and Marie Rose sauce £8.25

Smoked Salmon
Thin slices of Scotch smoked salmon, lemon and mixed leaves £8.95

Smoked Salmon, Crab and Prawn Tower
Selected prawns coated in Marie Rose sauce towered with crab and topped with Scotch smoked salmon £9.95



All served with sautéed potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Deep Fried Scampi
Whole tail scampi, crumbed to order served with homemade tartare sauce £17.75

Scotch Salmon
Grilled or poached and served with a lemon butter sauce or Hollandaise sauce (£3.25 extra) £16.75

Grilled Fillets of Plaice £16.75
Grilled Fillets of Dover Sole See board
Grilled Fillets of Sea Bass £20.25
Served plain or with lemon butter, garlic butter or tomato and herb sauce

Local Catch of the day, see specials board for availability and prices


Served Char-grilled with Sautéed Potatoes, Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Vegetables

Ribeye Steak Garni
225gms of prime Scotch ribeye steak £19.50

Fillet Steak Garni
225gms of prime Scotch fillet Steak £24.50

Duo of Steaks
175gms of fillet and 175 gms of ribeye £34.50

Served with a Pepper, Madeira, Stilton, Mustard or Garlic Butter (£2.75 extra)
Béarnaise sauce (£3.25 extra)


House Specialities

All served with Sautéed Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables

Chicken Kiev
Boned breast of chicken, filled with garlic butter, breadcrumbed and deep fried £17.75

Roast Duckling
Slow roasted and served with either orange Grand Marnier sauce or honey glazed apple and gravy £18.95

Lamb Shank
Lamb shank slow roasted in Chef’s herby garlic gravy (allow 30 minutes) £18.50

Steak Tartare
Minced prime fillet steak mixed and seasoned at your table with capers, gherkins, egg, shallots and parsley and served raw £34.75

Chateaubriand (for 2)
Roasted fillet carved at your table, served with onion rings, tomatoes, mushrooms and a sauce of your choice (allow 30 minutes for Medium rare) £49.95

Calves Liver, Bacon and Onions
Grilled calves liver with bacon and onions £18.75

Chicken Milanaise
Breaded breast of chicken pan fried and served with spaghetti in tomato sauce £17.75

Beef Stroganoff
Prime strips of fillet steak cooked in a brandy, sour cream and paprika sauce and served with braised rice £19.95


Vegetarian Dishes

All served with Sautéed Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables

Mushroom Crumble
Sautéed mushrooms in a creamy cheese sauce topped with a herbed and parmesan crust £13.95

Pasta Dish of the Day
Chef’s Vegetarian pasta dish  £12.95

Puff Pastry Pie
Diced vegetables in a Provençale sauce served in a pastry envelope £12.95

Mushroom Stroganoff
A selection of mushrooms cooked in a brandy, sour cream and paprika sauce and served with braised rice £14.95

Stuffed Peppers au Gratin
Whole peppers stuffed with vegetables and rice topped with cheese and roasted £13.95

Vegetable Wellington
Oven roasted puff pastry envelope filled with fresh vegetables in a herby garlic sauce £14.95



Selection of homemade Sweets from £6.50
Chef’s mini selection £8.25
Ice Creams and Sorbets from £4.50
Cheeseboard from £8.25


Coffees and Teas

Filter coffee (with refills) £2.50
Decaffeinated coffee £2.50
Tea (English or Earl Grey)
Espresso coffee £2.50
Latte, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate £2.75
Double espresso coffee £3.50
Floater coffee £3.50
Liqueur coffee £5.25

A discretionary 10% service charge will be added to all parties of 8 or more

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